1. Make a commitment to yourself to start getting healthy and into shape.
  2. Start incorporating some form of exercise into your regular daily routine.
  3. Always warm-up your body before you begin your workout and do a cool down after wards. Warming up gets your muscles ready to begin and cooling down helps prevent the lactic acid build up.
  4. Remember, you can do a workout anywhere. In your house, the park or even a hotel. Walking, running, push-ups, pull ups, abs and lunges.
  5. Choose activities that you enjoy doing.   
  6. Change up your workouts. Not only will this shock the body, but it will prevent you from loosing interest in your workouts.
  7. Buy new workout shoes and workout clothes. Wearing something new makes you feel good and gets you in the right mind set that will motivate you to begin your workout.
  8. Losing weight is not just about dieting and cutting calories.  Eating the right food is certainly important, but exercise helps jump start your metabolism, burning more calories, stripping away body fat, and adding muscle to your frame.
  9. Start by making small daily and weekly goals for yourself. This will help you move forward to reaching your ultimate goal.
  10. Fitness should be fun and something you look forward to doing. Bring your friends with you to workout even if it is a short walk. Being in an environment you like and are comfortable with will allow you to be yourself and reach your goals faster.